• Medical Malpractice
    Patients have a reasonable expectation that their doctor will follow the standard of care...
  • Birth Injury
    A birth injury is caused to a baby's body before, during or immediately after birth.
  • Misdiagnosis of Cancer
    When cancer is diagnosed in a timely manner, the outlook can be quite optimistic.
  • Truck Accident
    Truck accidents involving commercial trucks, delivery trucks, pull trucks and 18-wheelers.
  • Car Accident
    The legal rules determining who's responsible for the personal, property damage resulting from a traffic collision.
  • Motorcycle Accident
    Have you been hurt in a motorcycle accident? Are you concerned about how you will pay your medical bills and cover your lost wages?
  • Products Liability
    Consumers purchase products with the expectation that the product will be safe, free from defects, and function without harming a person.
  • Electrocution
    People who make their living in construction, mining, factory jobs, and industrial jobs regularly work with electrical units and components.