Significant Cases and Verdicts Won


Product liability settlement


Hospital liability settlement


Trucking accident jury verdict for a teenager with injuries due to a collision with a trash collection truck parked on the wrong side of the road.


Product liability settlement


Settlement on behalf of the taxpayers of Kentucky against a major pharmaceutical company for the fraudulent misrepresentation of the addictive nature of an opiate painkiller.


Premises liability settlement against a restaurant on behalf of victims of a fatal DUI accident in Jefferson County, Kentucky.


Medical negligence jury verdict for brain injury caused by nursing negligence at hospital.


Medical negligence jury verdict against hospital for against hospital for because the nurse failed to monitor the baby during labor. As a result the baby suffered from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.


Product liability settlement


Products liability jury verdict in an action where a defective tow dolly caused the driver to lose control of the car resulting in paralysis.


Medical negligence settlement in Louisville Kentucky against a heart surgeon and anesthesiologist due to their negligence during a pediatric heart surgery which resulted in a brain injury to a child.


Medical negligence verdict against a Louisville hospital for failure to deliver needed blood therapy intraoperatively during a scheduled, elective surgery, causing the death of the patient.


Medical negligence settlement in central Kentucky from an improperly placed catheter which caused a cardiac tamponade resulting in severe brain injury to a young child.


Medical negligence settlement for improper administration of anesthesia resulting in brain damage to a middle-aged man from central Kentucky who had worked as a welder.


Railroad accident settlement against a major rail carrier for a fatal electrocution.


Medical negligence settlement in eastern Kentucky involving a nurse and obstetrician who failed to recognize fetal distress. As a result the baby suffered hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy causing Cerebral Palsy.


Wrongful death settlement in Kentucky


Products liability jury verdict for a Louisville man with an injury to his leg caused by a faulty weed-trimmer head. We declined to accept a reduced settlement on appeal and, with interest, ultimately collected in excess of $6.3 million.


Medical negligence settlement against a doctor and hospital in Jefferson County, Kentucky for cerebral palsy caused by the failure to timely perform a cesarean section.


Medical negligence jury verdict in Pikeville, Kentucky, for a young man who had an amputation below the knee because his doctor failed to diagnose an injury to an artery in his leg following an ATV accident.


Medical negligence settlement because a nurse administrated the wrong dose of medication resulting in the death of a young child in central Kentucky.


Medical negligence settlement for wrongful death as a result of a negligently performed heart catheterization in Louisville, Kentucky.


Medical negligence settlement for a negligently performed heart catheterization resulting in brain injury in Louisville, Kentucky.


Trucking accident settlement for the wrongful death of a man traveling through Kentucky.


Medical negligence settlement because physician's failure to timely perform a cesarean section resulted in baby having a hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and developed Cerebral Palsy in Jefferson County, Kentucky.


Products liability settlement for electrocution from defective mining equipment resulting in the death of an eastern Kentucky man.


Medical negligence settlement for negligent administration anesthesia resulting in visual impairment in Louisville, Kentucky.


Settlement in Anderson County, Kentucky for motorcycle accident cause by a truck resulting in a leg injury.


Medical negligence settlement for the failure to diagnose appendicitis which led to severe infection in an elderly man in Louisville, Kentucky.


Products liability settlement in central Kentucky against automobile manufacturer for defective part which caused a one car collision which resulting in the death of the driver.


Product liability settlement against automobile manufacturer due to a seatback failure resulting in paralysis of an elderly woman in Tennessee.


Premises liability settlement against a department store in western Kentucky when a defective isle cord struck a woman and caused complex regional pain syndrome (also known as RSD) in her arm.


Policy limit settlement involving a middle-aged man who developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) from injuries in a car wreck. CRPS, previously known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a painful nerve disorder resulting in chronic pain, burning sensations, swelling, sweating and other symptoms. This case was in Jefferson County, Kentucky.


Medical negligence settlement for the wrongful death of an infant due to negligent post- operative monitoring after pediatric heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect in Louisville Kentucky.


Medical negligence settlement for negligently performed thoracic surgery.


Medical negligence jury verdict for a misdiagnosed arterial occlusion resulting in a leg injury.


Medical negligence settlement in western Kentucky for the insurance policy limits of a radiologist who misread a mammogram causing a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer.


Medical negligence settlement for the death of a woman in Jefferson County Kentucky from the failure to treat anaphylactic shock caused by allergy testing.


Medical negligence settlement in western Kentucky against a neurosurgeon for negligently performing a three level spinal fusion.


Defective product settlement against a Louisville manufacturing plant. This lawsuit was handled as a third-party claim outside of the clients workers’ compensation claim. The injury was caused by a defective mechanical door malfunctioning and struck our client when he attempted to exit the plant.


Medical negligence settlement in Elizabethtown, KY against an obstetrician who failed to schedule a cesarean section in a mother who’s prior condition left prone to uterine rupture.